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Sally of Kumeu

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Sally of Kumeu

The beautiful spinach and other greens you’ve had in your boxes lately has come from Sally, certified organic grower based in Kumeu. Sally has been a grower for the past 10 years and works (with family and staff) about 17.5 acres.

She grows a wide variety of leafy greens including lettuce, kale, silverbeet, rocket, and asian greens as well as herbs, beans, spring onion, chives, beetroot and carrots. Being certified organic means she does not use any sprays or chemical fertilisers on her land or crops. Sally makes some of her own compost and buys in an all-natural fertiliser which contains rock dust to remineralise the soil. Growing her crops using organic methods is important to Sally as she does not want to expose herself or her staff to hazardous chemicals which will impact health. “I love doing this, I am hoping to do it for the next twenty years.”

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