Surplus Bonanza!

What is the surplus bonanza? How does it work and how can I get my share?

One of the benefits of the Ooooby system is that we can place exact advance orders with growers - so they harvest only what is needed. However some growers only offer produce in bulk amounts. Bananas, for example, come in boxes of 18kg. This means sometimes we have a bit left over. We don't want this excess produce to go to waste, so we can offer it to you at a special price.

We place our orders with our growers on a Friday, after which we know how much we have as surplus. We then email you on a Saturday with prices and availability, and it's first in, first served!

I've already got [produce] in my order at the full price, can I swap it for the special?

We only have a surplus available because of the orders you've already placed, so without your original order we likely wouldn't have a surplus at all! So if we were to replace original orders with the specials, then we'd end up in a catch-22 situation. Additionally, if we were to change all orders to the special price, then we don't have enough money left to pay our packers...

So unfortunately, no, we can't replace your original order with the special surplus price.

Why can't I change my order on Saturdays, but I can add surplus produce?

The surplus produce is based on produce that we have already ordered on the Friday, so we don't need to update our growers. If we allowed any other changes to be made, our growers wouldn't be able to rely on our orders and so couldn't proceed with their harvests.