Christchurch FAQs

If your question isn't answered below, just ask us and we'll get back to you promptly.

When will the produce for the coming week be available to see online?

The fresh produce for the following week will be uploaded on Wednesday night as soon as the boxes have been planned and will be available for you to see until the order cut-off on Friday at 11am.

Please note that from time to time we have to make changes to the box contents when an item isn’t available on short notice.

How do I swap items in my box?

We are working on an easy Dashboard solution, but for now, just flick us an email each week before Friday 11am with your exclusions and replacements. We can’t give a guarantee that your replacement will be available, but we’ll do our best. You definitely won’t receive the item you have excluded though.

There are certain items I never want to receive in my box. Do I need to exclude them every single week?

Luckily you don’t! You have a 'permanent exclusion list' where all fruit and veggies are listed that you don’t like and they will automatically be replaced in your box. Just flick us an email to let us know about the items you wish to add to your list.

Can I have a permanent replacement, e.g. can I always receive broccoli instead of onions?

Yes and no! We can make a permanent note of your preferred replacement, but we can’t promise it will always be available. Replacements like leafy greens, apples or potatoes are most likely to always be available.

What’s this Custom Box you talk about?

If you feel like swapping 3 items a week is not enough for you, you are welcome to create your own Custom Box from scratch. Here are some instructions on how to do it!

The procedure is not quite perfect yet, but we are working on a solution to make it easier for you.

Deliveries are free as usual for any orders over $35 (this includes a $2 Custom Box fee and all add-ons like bread and eggs). Orders under $35 will be charged a delivery fee of $6.50. The fee will come up on your dashboard, but will disappear as soon as you reach the $35 mark.

Which other items do you stock apart from fruit and veggies?

Check out our constantly growing range of artisan products from suppliers in your neighbourhood. They are always available to see online on your dashboard or here.

How can I add extras to my order or how do I remove them?

You can add extras like bread or eggs to your order anytime on your dashboard. You can choose between a one-off order or a regular add-on; fortnightly or weekly. You can change your order anytime on your dashboard before Friday 11am.

You can add or remove fruit or veg extras in the same way as the other add-ons, but they will only be available online from Wednesday night until Friday 11am (because their availability changes weekly).

Why do you not offer any milk, meat or fish products?

Believe us, we would love to! We have already made a few connections with suppliers, but we are currently not set up for chilled delivery yet which will be a major operation to make sure your fresh products arrive at your doorstep safely. Thanks for your understanding and patience. :)

Why do you not have any bulk buy option available?

We are currently reviewing our food safety procedures so we can start to look at re-packaging bulk items such as nuts and seeds. We are also planning to work with a local supplier to make bulk buy options available.

Can’t you make your boxes a bit cheaper?

We would if we could. We are working with small-scale local farmers and they deserve their fair share of the rewards so we pay them at least 50% of the retail value of all our box deliveries. We receive most of our produce directly from our growers and hand-pack it ourselves. Our weekly changing produce prices reflect the prices that we are given by the growers. They might fluctuate depending on the season and general availability.

Our margin also covers paying our Ooooby team, which includes our packers, drivers, other costs relating to the delivery, organisation, box planning, accounts and many more - all aiming at making our customers happy.

How can I avoid the weekly $1 payment fee?

Instead of weekly billing, you can decide to pay your boxes on a 4-weekly basis. For fortnightly customers this means you only need to pay for 2 boxes in advance and still save on the fee! Just send us an email and let us know you would like to change your billing cycle.

Why can’t I cancel my box on short notice?

Last minute box cancellations are always tricky for us. It isn't a matter of inconvenience for us as we are always happy to make changes where possible. But we order all our produce on a Friday and we will receive all of this produce on a Wednesday, this means if you order a box we will have to pay for those box contents.

If you cancel a box after the cut-off, this means we will have to pay the growers anyway.

So if absolutely necessary we can cancel the order for you, but if there's another way, e.g. you just keep the veggies in the fridge and pause next week's box, or a friend or family is interested in taking your box instead (we are happy to ship to a different address) this is very much appreciated.

What’s my personal promo code?

When you recommend Ooooby to your friends (which we’re sure you will do! =) ) you can give them your personal promo code which they can enter during the sign-up process. This will give them $20 off their first box and you’ll receive $10 of credit in your Ooooby account as a thank you! You can find your promo code here. (Dashboard -> My Account -> Promo)

Do you re-use the Ooooby cardboard boxes?

We certainly do! Our drivers are happy to pick up your old Ooooby boxes for us to re-use in the next week. Please just leave them outside your door (or the place where your box usually is left), flattened (the best way is to cut the tape with a cutter or knife). This will help us to reduce the number of new boxes we need to use each week and is an easy way for you to recycle them.

Same goes for the egg cartons - we will give them back to Mark, the Egg Man, in the following week, to be filled up again with fresh eggs from happy hens.