Barnes Family Farms

Barnes Family Farms

Our Highbank family farm is managed by brother and sister Andrew Barnes and Gaylene Barnes, while father Ian Barnes enjoys a well-deserved retirement. We’re well setup to harvest and manage root veges! We have carrots, parsnips, yams and plenty of spuds. Andrew has expertise in growing veges from his time in Southland and Nelson, and brings a wealth of skills after many years contracting in agriculture. Gaylene has been growing specialty herbs on the farm and is experienced with the strategic management of an organic farm. Gaylene is also a filmmaker, which has enabled her to ‘spy’ on many organic farms over the years! We are both passionate about biodiversity, organic farming, and growing safe food sustainably. Our values include:

• RESILIENCE – To build the soil, plants and sentient life on our property enabling resilience in the face of future challenges. Our soils microbes are nourished with organic fertilisers. • SUSTAINABLE – Growing nutrient dense food without fossil-fuel based inputs or dependance on imports. We use green manures, compost, humates and animal rotation to help build up the organic matter in the soil. • HEALTHY – Growing food without the use of toxic chemicals, so it is safe and healthy for customers and farm-workers. We do not use herbicides, fungicides or any other -icides. • CONSERVATION – We manage the soil and soil micro-organisms restoratively, and we work to conserve water. Our partner water conservation business is • HERITAGE – We want to contribute to the survival of crop and stock species at risk. We have been nurturing a range of taewa (Maori Potatoes) for a number of years. We also have heritage sheep (Finnish Landrace), chickens (Cochin and Wyandotte), and the Canterbury Blue pig - a recent addition to help till the soil!

Certified Organic with Organic Farm NZ

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— Robyn

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