Bellbird Baked Goods

Bellbird Baked Goods

As a small artisan bakery, we pride ourselves on providing a select range of high quality products, with as much locally sourced ingredients as possible. Our breads are made with local or organic flour and we use only free-range eggs, and as many local and organic products as we can.

We try to keep our products simple and natural, and make them the old fashioned way. There are all sorts of ways to take short cuts and make things easier in baking, but we believe that quality baking takes some time. Allowing the dough the time it needs to properly ferment makes it more digestible and develops more complex flavours - and those are things worth waiting for.

We value quality over quantity. We only make a few types of bread and a handful of pastry varieties, so that we can continue to hone them as I try to create our ideal products. We would rather keep the business small and be able to keep a close eye on quality, than have bread we don't like in every supermarket in Christchurch.

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We have been getting Ooooby boxes delivered for a couple of years now. We always get fast and friendly communication, the produce and products are fantastic. I love supporting local producers and farmers, it creates happiness!

— Robyn

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