Exotic Mushroom Co.

Exotic Mushroom Co.

Exotic Mushroom is a Shiitake Mushroom grower in Templeton, Christchurch, established in 2006. We sell Shiitakes at Ohoka Market, Christchurch Farmers Market, Opawa Farmers Market and also provide them to several beautiful restaurants and cafes in Christchurch.

Shiitake Mushrooms have a tasty full flavor of mushroom and their texture is amazingly meaty. It's a good ingredient for stir-fries,pasta, pizza, soup, risotto, BBQs etc ..you can use them instead of normal mushrooms.

Shiitake Mushrooms are not only yummy but they have lots of health benefits and are a good source of B Vitamins. They are also said to help to support bone health, control blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, promote brain function etc... a lot!!

We are very happy to introduce our Mushroom through Ooooby to you!

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We have been getting Ooooby boxes delivered for a couple of years now. We always get fast and friendly communication, the produce and products are fantastic. I love supporting local producers and farmers, it creates happiness!

— Robyn

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