Greenz (Max McMillan)

Greenz (Max McMillan)

Based on a picturesque lifestyle property in Swannanoa, I started Greenz due to constant demand from the family to produce tasty wholesome homemade goodies with no unwanted “extras” to accompany our own homegrown meat, eggs and vegetables. After a fair amount of fine tuning I’m proud to share with you some of our favourite in the form of peanut butters, jams, mueslis and much more. Why Greenz? We are keen recyclers and as such as many as possible of our peanut butter and jam jars are collected, sterilised and recycled. Needless to say we are also staunch Kiwis. So…..we hope you love it as much as we do.

We will give you a refund of 50c for each of our peanut butter and jam jars. Just leave them outside with the boxes to be collected.

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We have been getting Ooooby boxes delivered for a couple of years now. We always get fast and friendly communication, the produce and products are fantastic. I love supporting local producers and farmers, it creates happiness!

— Robyn

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