Bohemian Bakery - Bohemian Sourdough Half Loaf (VG)

Bohemian Bakery
$4.40 400 g Bohemian Bakery - Bohemian Sourdough Half Loaf (VG)

A half loaf version of the Bohemian Sourdough.

This bread is a marriage of rye & wheat flours, taking lightness from wheat and depth of flavour and smell from rye. My countrymen come to our bakery to get this loaf as it reminds them of home. It is also becoming popular with our regular customers.

Ingredients: White flour, whole meal flour, rye flour, salt, water, sourdough starter (rye mother)

Our flour is sourced from Canterbury region, we use Milmore Downs organic wholewheat and rye flours and Farmers Mill flours that are spray free. We never use flour improvers, processing aids or enzymes – ingredients that are often used to save time or increase shelf life. Instead, we ferment our breads in cool temperature overnight to improve digestibility, keeping quality and flavour. Bread is leavened by sourdough culture producing real, honest bread that looks, smells and tastes amazing.

We use traditional techniques, hand-moulding our loaves and proving them in linen-lined proving baskets. Our sourdough loaves begin when we combine the water, flours and sourdough starter early in the morning. We continue to turn/fold the doughs throughout the day to give them strength to rise in the oven. Then shape the loaves in the afternoon and retard them in the fridge overnight to let them develop flavour and make gluten more digestable. The loaves are ready for us to bake in our stone hearth oven in the morning.

This process results in deliciously crunchy crust and tender moist crumb typical for slow fermented sourdough bread.

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