Wai-Ora - Clover Floral Honey (creamed)

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$11.90 500 g Wai-Ora - Clover Floral Honey (creamed)

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Our clover floral honey is unique to New Zealand due to the variety of nectars it contains. The predominant flower the bees gather from to produce this honey is white clover, but a variety of other clover species are present, including red clover, subterranean, and alsike clover. Other nectars that may be present in this honey include dandelion, blackberry, and viper’s bluegloss.

All of these flower varieties contribute to this honey’s exceptional aroma and flavour. It actually smells and tastes like a field of New Zealand wild flowers. It is smooth, and has a creamy texture.

Buying this honey means that you are supporting the environment. Clover is a legume that pumps nitrogen back into the soils of New Zealand. The more clover that is present in a field, the less nitrogen fertilisers are used. Bees play a vital role by pollinating clover. By buying this honey you are helping to ensure that clover continues to be pollinated and exist as a nitrogen fixing plant.

Clover floral honey is the perfect ‘everyday’ honey. It is especially great to use as a breakfast honey. It tastes amazing on fresh bread, scones, mixed in teas, and is a healthy alternative as a coffee sweetener.

Wai-Ora Clover Floral Honey is creamed to prevent crystallisation and to present it to you in a smooth and creamy form. The creaming process is 100% natural and is achieved simply through gently stirring the honey. No additives are used and the honey is still pure, wild, and raw.

Make sure to store honey in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. It should also be kept out of direct sunlight.

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