DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit (5+ pack) - Colour 4

$24.99 per 5 DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit (5+ pack) - Colour 4

DIY Beeswax Wraps! “Ditch the plastic”

This Fantastic kit contains all the ingredients that you need to make beeswax wraps at home. Great gift idea!

Your pack contains

- 120gms of Beeswax Recipe

- Made up sample of a beeswax wrap

- A brush, instructions and care for your wraps

- Cotton Material (already prewashed and cut) - 5 pieces in total

- 1 Large 35cm x 33cm (Covering Bowls and Dishes)

- 2 Medium 30cm x 25cm (Wrap Sandwiches etc)

- 2 Small 20cm x17cm (snacks, cheese, cut vegetables & fruit)

Available in 4 colour schemes.

Food wraps are a healthy, environmentally friendly and fun way to cover, wrap and keep your food fresh.

The perfect combination of ingredients makes the cloth malleable and slightly tacky which can then be shaped over your dishes and used to wrap food.

Wrap, Rinse and Repeat - Ditch the plastic!

Our beeswax and brushes are sourced locally here in Canterbury NZ.

At Move2eco we strive to send out our parcels in the most eco friendly way possible. Any packaging coming in is reused for packaging going out; cardboard, wrapping paper and boxes. Some of our products are wrapped in cellophane which is made from plant cellulose and is 100% biodegradable. Cellophane packaging is used due to its low permeability to moisture, oxygen, bacteria, oils and greases.

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We are loving our first Ooooby box, my kids asked if they could visit [the growers] to thank them for the amazing apples! Too cute. Totally pleased with the quality, quantity and ease. It was like opening a treasure box.

— Kim

You guys are doing a great job! We just love our weekly delivery of delicious, organic produce. The best part is opening the box with our daughter and exploring all the different fruits and vegies together. Thank you!

— Rebecca

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