Masumoto Family Farm

Masumoto Family Farm

The Masumoto Family Farm cultivate Certified Organic peaches, nectarines, and grapes. They diligently works to enriched the soil and harvest tasty food. They share their accomplishment through food, writing, and art. The first acres of the Masumoto Family Farm were purchased in 1948 by Takashi “Joe” Masumoto. With family labor and a stubborn resilience, the Masumotos enriched the soil and planted roots. The farm is now 80 acres of Certified Organic land, producing peaches, nectarines, and grapes for raisins each year.

Four generations of the Masumoto family have worked on this land. They strongly believe in the power of food to connect people together through sharing significance stories around eating, farming, and family.

They have seven varieties of peaches, each chosen because of their flavor and nurtured with their hands. They dream of a food system in which the names of each variety are known by eaters who study and care for them as we do.

Their oldest grapevines carry the stories of nearly a century. They are all Thompson Seedless grapes. These sweet small berries turn from green to purple when they make sun-dried raisins at the end of every summer.

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— Robyn

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