Sweet Home Ranch

Sweet Home Ranch

It’s in Dinuba, Calif., near Fresno, that third-generation farmers Paul & Ruth Buxman work such a landscape. They operate Sweet Home Ranch – yes, it really does look like that – growing some of the sweetest, most succulent and tree-ripened peaches, nectarines, Santa Rosa plums, oranges, Concord grapes, mandarins and more. Paul and Ruth Buxman’s Sweet Home Ranch will remain forever in farming. And that’s just the way they want it. In fact, that’s what they stipulated when they traded the development rights on their 40 acre farm east of Kingsburg for one of the first two farmland conservation easements in Tulare County.

Paul and like-minded small farmers are not only vested in farming as a livelihood, but they see it as a way of life – a place to raise their children and teach them about working and living with nature – “cultured nature, agriculture,” in Paul’s words. They believe land would be taken care of better for a longer period of time if children were introduced to it early, so farming is perpetuated.

All Sweet Home Ranch produce is certified California Clean, which, in short, means the fruits are grown using no organic or synthetic pesticides. This certified farming system protects the environment, supports small family farms, and delivers extraordinary produce at an affordable price. It’s one of the first eco-label movements in the state that works to discover and promote cleaner, more eco-friendly ways to produce nut and stone fruit crops.

You won’t find a USDA Organic label on the Buxmans’ delicious fruits, however, you can be guaranteed that their fruit is as good and sustainable as it gets.

We have been getting Ooooby boxes delivered for a couple of years now. We always get fast and friendly communication, the produce and products are fantastic. I love supporting local producers and farmers, it creates happiness!

— Robyn

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