Fruits of Fulflood

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Fruits of Fulflood

Produce that would otherwise lie in gardens and on pavements is cooked up into delicious home-made jam, jelly and chutney. Now in its fourth year the project has saved well over a tonne of crab apples, apples, grapes, quince, rhubarb, plum, blackcurrant, gooseberry, redcurrant, raspberry, damson, japonica quince and even marrows and runner beans.

Some of the produce is good enough to be eaten so is donated whole to the Basics Bank and the Nightshelter and the rest processed into at least 12 different flavoured jams, juices and jellies. We also make some very popular chutneys.

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Ooooby is a magical addition to my life. Beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables ... at an affordable cost and a chance to support local growers.It's a no brainer really!

— Tama

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