Wheatsheaf Farming

Wheatsheaf Farming

Wheatsheaf Farming was formed in 2002 to carry out the farming operations of local farmers. It is now owned by 2 local landowners and also performs contract work on two other farms. The total cropping acreage is around 700 hectares. The farms are located just south of Basingstoke either side of the M3 in Hampshire. Wheatsheaf was originally conceived to provide economies of scale for smaller farms. The base for operations is Folly Farm, North Waltham. The business employs a full time Farm Manager and all other staff are brought in on a self employed basis as required. The arable cropping consists of winter crops of wheat, spelt, barley, oilseed rape, rye and beans and spring crops of wheat and barley. Wheatsheaf use a system called Regenerative farming, the basics of which are minimising soil movement, keeping a living root in the soil as long as possible, using less fertilisers and chemicals and encouraging a wide diversity of plant species and insects. Regenerative farming is designed to work with nature.

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