Organic Lamb Box - including shoulder

£70.00 Organic Lamb Box - including shoulder

Organic lamb produced by Cameron and Eileen Clark of Milton of Connage Farm. The lambs run with their mums for 6 months of their life; they munch on herbal pasture which delivers all the minerals they need, and they are managed in a short rotation grazing system - meaning that there is no worm build up in the soil. All of this careful management means that this batch of lambs has had no medicine input for their whole lives! Butchered here on the croft at Knockfarrel. Delivered frozen.

Box contents:

Large boned and rolled shoulder roast

Loin rack of lamb, with French trim

Chump chops - pack of 2

Loin chops - 3 or 4

Slow roast - either Leg shank OR Neck

Lamb-and-mint burgers - pack of 4

Spicy lemon kofta sticks - pack of 4

8 meals for 2 people

Total weight 4kg

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You guys are doing a great job! We just love our weekly delivery of delicious produce. The best part is opening the box with our daughter and exploring all the different fruits and vegies together.Thank you!

— Rebecca

It's fun and challenging to cook with what's available and the produce is so much fresher than anywhere else. Our family loves Ooooby!

— Lila

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