Veg Bags

£10.00 Veg Bags

We grow our produce in Largo Estate’s unique 2.5 acre walled garden using ecological methods including minimum tillage. All our vegetables are grown from seed, by hand, on site and the harvest is hand picked also.

All boxes contain the following on a weekly basis:

- one bunch or portion of root vegetables, such as carrots or beetroot

- one bag of a leafy greens, such as chard or kale

- one allium such as spring onions or leeks

The box contents will vary with seasonality and will also include salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, a wide range of brassicas and autumn root vegetables when available.

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The veg box last week was EXCELLENT! Especially the beetroot!

— Jill Calder

I enjoyed delivery of vegetable boxes from Largo Estate. The boxes always turned up full of a variety of fresh and tasty veg. The items always tasted so much nicer than anything that has come from the supermarket! I highly recommend them!

— Lucy Oswald

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