Bagthorpe Farm

Bagthorpe Farm

Bagthorpe Farm is situated in the beautiful unspoilt countryside of rural North Norfolk, situated close to Sandringham and Houghton Hall estates.

Bagthorpe is a family-run 300 hectare mixed farm, growing vegetables, cereals and beef cattle organically whilst a small acreage is still farmed conventionally for onions, sugar beet and barley.

Our soils are light free draining sandy loams which is ideal for growing onions and root crops. We started converting land into organic production over 20 years ago and therefore have a huge amount of experience in growing great produce.

No one farming year is the same, especially with organic growing, so you really do learn from your mistakes!

Bagthorpe is blessed with a wonderful natural environment, which we have strived to enhance with our farming methods and enviromental schemes over the last 30 years.

Ooooby is a magical addition to my life. Beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables ... at an affordable cost and a chance to support local growers.It's a no brainer really!

— Tama

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