Ooooby provides a full business operating system that keeps getting better

We provide a technology platform for farms, artisans and independent food retailers to sell and deliver to local homes and businesses.


🛍️ Online store

  • pre-curated and/or customised food boxes
  • one off orders or weekly subscriptions
  • shop by categories including chilled items
  • easy low cost online payment processing

🍅 Product management

  • set product origin location
  • distinguish between fair trade, organic etc
  • produce masterlist with high quality images
  • product bundles

👩 Customer management

  • transaction history and activity notes
  • discount options
  • automated emails

📺 Marketing

  • optimised for google search
  • promo codes
  • sign up and cancellation surveys

🪙 Financial management

  • automatic customer payments
  • credit card, debit card and direct deposits
  • overdue accounts management

🚚 Logistics management

  • box labels and packing slips
  • pack by route or box type
  • route optimised delivery run sheets
  • home delivery and/or drop points

📈 Reporting

  • order summary with units and average transactions
  • retention analysis
  • customer mapping


  • Once off: £350 set up and training
  • Monthly: 2% of transactions (plus merchant facility fees of approx 1%)
  • We operate internationally, contact us to discuss pricing outside the UK