Exotic Lentil Salad

by Jan Gardner


100g Lentil Sprouts
25g Nuts
25g Dates & / or Raisins
100 g Grated Carrot
1 tsp zests Lemon/Lime/Orange
½ tsp Mixed Spices (eg cinnamon, allspice, cumin, sumac, chilli)
pinch Sea Salt to taste
Ground Pepper
2 tbsp cut Mint just before serving
Dressing: mix Citrus Juices and Olive oil


Lentil sprouts are an excellent source of dietary fibre and low fat protein, Native Americans have cultivated beans since 700 BC. To achieve a complete protein combine sprouts with eggs, dairy or nuts. Sprouting can improve the nutritional profile of beans and grains especially Vitamin C and B. It is this Vitamin C that makes lentil sprouts a powerful antioxidant. They are also packed with zinc, copper and potassium. Stored in your refrigerator sprouts should keep for up to a week. Rinse under cold water to refresh if necessary.

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all ingredients in a bowl, mix in dressing and add mint before serving.

"I love the challenge of working out what I am going to make each time as I nevquite know what I'm It makes me be more adventurous in my cooking rather than just buying my favourites"

— Box Scheme customer

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