Poached Winter Pears

by Ooooby Crew


4 pears
1 litre water
1 cup honey, sugar or other sweetener
a handful of dried fruit of your choice
flavouring of your choice such as vanilla beans, grated ginger or wine


This recipe works best with pears which are firm and hold their shape such as Bosc, Conference or Winter Nellis. The recipe also works just as well with 2 pears, where you just halve all the ingredients. Peel and core the pears and and cut into quarters. Select a pan large enough that the pears will be covered with the water. Heat the water and sugar or sweetener until dissolved and add your choice of flavouring. Add the pears and simmer until cooked. This will be about 25 minutes. Check by poking with a skewer or knife which should go in easily. Add the dried fruit, which will plump up in the hot liquid. Set aside to cool. If you would like a sauce to go with the pears, remove the fruit and reduce the liquid down until it thickens. Delicious served with thick greek yogurt or ice cream.

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