Otter Valley Poultry

Otter Valley Poultry

Organic Free Range Chicken/ Free-range Chicken Our Organic chicken are reared on four organic farms across Devon, where they can roam and forage for red clover and insects with certified organic feed as a supplement and fine views over the Devon countryside!

Our free range chicken are reared to similar standards as our organic birds with plenty of space to forage, scratch and enjoy the view.

We prefer a slow growing strain of Hubbard chicken, they are more suited to Organic Free Range rearing practices giving them a distinctive texture with a slightly gamier flavour to the leg and a significantly sturdier bone structure.

Our Organic Certification comes from the Soil Association who have the most stringent organic standards in the world for rearing poultry for the table and our own slaughter and processing plant is also certified organic by the Soil Association

Fresh!!! You really taste the difference. Organic veg and a chance to also get local sourdough bread, honey, apples, cider vinegar, etc. Flexible ordering and very responsive farm team. The veg box is a highlight of the week!

— Douglas

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