The Fresh Flour Company

The Fresh Flour Company

We organically grow and mill ancient and heritage grain This journey started in 2015, during studies for an MSc in Sustainable Agriculture. During these studies my focus was drawn to wheat, its unique properties and the bleak realisation that its amazing natural state has been distorted and exploited - now mostly owned by large corporations; grown in monocultures and fed synthetics. It is also the most traded food product in the world, but paradoxically, is a low value on-farm commodity. These facts excited me. I thought, ‘what if I could grow wheat of bread making quality in the south west?’ Surly that would have more value than mere animal feed (the predominant use for most grain in the South West).

Ooooby is a 'godsend' for busy families wishing to expand their fruit and vegetable consumption, while eating locally and seasonally. So convenient to order and receive, Ooooby combines friendly service with consistently high-quality products.

— Liz

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