Elektra Owen

Elektra Owen

My motivation to work on a farm and learn about growing vegetables comes from a serious love of food. I grew up on tip toes; desperate to be eye-line with the kitchen counter, to observe and absorb my mothers hands as she crafted meal after meal. And so, it was by sharing food at the table, washing up in our family restaurant and later standing at the kitchen counter or waiting tables that I discovered and developed my interest in working with food and people. Now, working on a farm and learning continuously from the plants and the people has grounded my love of food like nothing else. I'm yet to find anything that compares to the joy and meaning I find in a hard day’s work harvesting the bounty to be taken home, or taken to market, and then cooked, eaten and shared. With that comes the commitment and belief that it is both essential and possible that everyone should have access to good food as well as the knowledge and understanding of where it comes from. There's a whole lot to learn and sometimes that feels daunting but also always exciting.

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— Liz

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