Anya from Super Seed Hemp Foods

Anya from Super Seed Hemp Foods

Super Seed Hemp Foods is run by Anya Furrer, a Sydney based mum, Naturopathic Student, Kids Permaculture Teacher and Australian Hemp Industry enthusiast. Anya has a passion for leading Australia into a more ethical and sustainable future. After running a successful ‘Sustainable General Store’ business for the last 5 years, Anya believes that the way towards a future we can be proud of is to support and promote Australian Grown Hemp Foods.

Hemp Seeds are an amazing “super food” product that contain the perfect blend of Omega 3,6 and 9, readily available vegan protein and many beneficial minerals and vitamins. Hemp is well known for being easily absorbed, anti-inflammatory and beneficial for joint, skin, cognitive and digestive health. The recent changes in legislation has seen a huge boom in the sale of imported Hemp Foods, however Super Seed Hemp are one of the very few 100% Australian Grown Hemp Food ranges. They also aim to package their products sustainably and continue working towards this. Hemp is an amazingly sustainable crop and has the potential to regenerate farming communities Australia Wide. Hemp can be grown on poor soils in all climates with minimal water and require no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. And the remaining fibre can be used for many applications including clothing, fuel and building materials such as insulation and “hempcrete”. By supporting Australian Grown Hemp we can ensure that farming communities around Australia can take advantage of this Sustainable, Organically Grown, Ethical crop.

Ooooby is a movement I believe in with values that I respect, that connects People to an Environment of Amazing Food and Purpose.

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