Pork: Sopressa Chilli Fennel [FRESH, Sliced] - FB (Esky Required)

Feather and Bone
$11.25 125 g Pork: Sopressa Chilli Fennel [FRESH, Sliced] - FB (Esky Required)

NOTE: Please leave an esky* on your door the night before delivery if you wish to buy this item. *Please supply your own esky.

Approximately 125 gm pack. This product is fresh, not thawed. Sopressa is an aged salami with a wide diameter. Cured for us by Montecatini Specialty Smallgoods and made with pastured pork, black pepper, sea salt and red wine. Feather and Bone salami is legally ready to sell when they receive it back from Montecatini but they hang it for at least another six weeks to ensure a firm texture and superior, mature flavour. This is six weeks more aged than most available salami. Made from the pastured pork Feather and Bone source from NSW farms. Feather and Bone buy whole bodies of a range of different sized pigs on a rotating basis from a number of farms - from big baconers through to suckling pigs. Most available cuts come from porker pigs which are about 50-65 kg that are 5-7 months old. This product will come from whichever pork is available when you order. The pork Feather and Bone source is hormone and antibiotic-free; born and bred entirely free ranging on chemical-free pasture; a mix of breeds including Berkshire, Landrace, Large White, English Large Black, Duroc, Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth; from NSW farms. The producers Feather and Bone work with are entirely transparent about their processes and welcome all questions.

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We are loving our first Ooooby box, my kids asked if they could visit [the growers] to thank them for the amazing apples! Too cute. Totally pleased with the quality, quantity and ease. It was like opening a treasure box.

— Kim

You guys are doing a great job! We just love our weekly delivery of delicious, organic produce. The best part is opening the box with our daughter and exploring all the different fruits and vegies together. Thank you!

— Rebecca

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