Vinegar Organic: Apple Cider - HG

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$7.50 500 mL Vinegar Organic: Apple Cider - HG

This organic apple cider vinegar is made from delicious organic apples, which are naturally fermented into cider, then into vinegar. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains ""mother"". This organic apple cider vinegar is aged in cedar wood barrels producing a smooth apple cider taste.

It is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised so retains all of the nutritional benefits of naturally occurring enzymes, beneficial bacteria, potassium and trace minerals. Only raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised apple cider vinegar contains the 'mother' which resembles a cobweb-like formation that can be noticed floating in the bottle. The mother is a nutrition powerhouse, made up of living nutrients and beneficial bacteria. When apple cider vinegar is filtered and pasteurised it uses heat which destroys the 'mother', all of the beneficial enzymes and many nutrients.

Apple cider vinegar is a traditional food that has been used for centuries! The tangy-sweet combination of flavours makes it perfect for marinades and dressings. The vinegar is a pale yellow-brown colour and will contain a small amount of sediment - another sign that it is unfiltered and unpasteurised!

Ingredients: Organic apples, seed vinegar

Product of Spain. Packed in Alexandria NSW

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We are loving our first Ooooby box, my kids asked if they could visit [the growers] to thank them for the amazing apples! Too cute. Totally pleased with the quality, quantity and ease. It was like opening a treasure box.

— Kim

You guys are doing a great job! We just love our weekly delivery of delicious, organic produce. The best part is opening the box with our daughter and exploring all the different fruits and vegies together. Thank you!

— Rebecca

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