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Acorn Dairy

The Paddock is delighted to be working with Acorn Dairies, Darlington to offer organic milk, cream and slightly salted butter, fresh from their award winning herd of cattle grazed on the Yorkshire and Northumbria Dales. Acorn Dairies was established by Gordon and Linda Tweddle with son Graham in 1998, pioneering the organic movement in the North of England. Daughter Caroline joined them in 2005, a real family run business, with organic principles and high levels of animal welfare at the heart of what they do.

Why choose organic milk? Here are just a few reasons:

The best, local milk delivered in environmentally friendly, returnable glass bottles - save bin space and better for the environment Support your local, high cow welfare, organic dairy farm Studies have shown Organic Dairy is higher in essential omega 3 fatty acids and nutritionally better for you (not to mention the animals welfare!) - see the Soil Associations' Website for more info.

I receive fortnightly deliveries of fruit and veg, plus local eggs and honey. Always great produce, and I like supporting businesses that care about the environment and reducing plastic waste.

— Janine

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