Blaydon Burn Farm

Producers of Free Range Meat
Blaydon Burn Farm

The Paddock is delighted to be working in partnership with Blaydon Burn Farm to deliver free range, naturally reared, grass fed beef, lamb, hogget, mutton & pork direct to your door.

Blaydon Burn Farm is a small farm run by Ike and Steph who keep traditional breed cattle and sheep, fed on their own rich variety of naturally fertilised clover lay.

Blaydon Burn Farm keep a range of traditional breeds of cattle - at the moment we have mainly English Beef Shorthorn cows with an Aberdeen Angus bull.

Our cattle feed on a great diet of our natural clover pasture, either eaten fresh or as haylage and silage as a winter supplement. This gives a unique and delicious flavour and texture as well as increasing the amount of Omega 3 in the meat - pasture fed beef contains as much Omega 3 as fish. Our animals live contentedly outside all year round, growing a thick winter coat and with plenty of wild space to roam. We do not feed our animals grain - this is the biggest problem with commercially produced meat and contributes hugely to climate change. We also keep our food miles to the absolute minimum. All our beef is properly hung for a minimum of 21 days to enhance texture and flavour - all done for us from start to packaging by a caring local family farm with good facilities, then frozen on our premises. So low food miles!

Steph and Ike started with a small flock of pure bred Jacob sheep in 2008. Each year they have brought in a tup of a different breed to vary and enrich the mix, which creates unique cross-breeds. These animals roam freely all year round in their beautiful fields. We now have a small flock of Soay sheep, much smaller than the Jacobs, and so you get smaller, sweeter joints and chops. As with the beef, the sheep are taken to a local family farm and butcher for slaughter and packing. This production method not only reduces food miles but also the stress on the animal and this really shows in the quality of the meat.

The mutton is delicious too! We also sometimes have hogget - this is a slightly older lamb but not yet mutton, very tasty indeed.

All of the meat is then frozen at the farm to maintain freshness. This gives us much longer to sell an animal with minimal waste, in keeping with our ethos and small scale production methods. We will always endeavour to deliver the meat frozen, however this meat will not be suitable for freezing again after purchase if it has defrosted by the time it is delivered. Please note, if you have ordered meat, you will need to provide your own cool box with cool blocks to keep the meat chilled if you are not likely to be home as we will not leave the cool box which the meat is transported in.

Ditch the supermarket and go with Paddock supplies, local where possible, organic always, ethically sound food supplies. We all need this in today's climate.

— Nicola

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