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Suppliers of Luxury Organic Brewing Cacoa
Cacoa Brew

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cacao Brew is small batch, luxury organic brewing cacao (ca-cow). Lovingly, roasted and ground by us, and brewed by you!

It's not coffee. We follow the same concept, but instead of coffee beans, we carefully roast and grind organic cacao beans for brewing.

What is Cacao Brew? Is it coffee? Luxury organic brewing cacao. It’s not coffee. We roast whole organic cacao beans at optimal temperatures and grind the beans to an extra coarse consistency, perfect for brewing. Nothing added, nothing removed.

How do I brew? Brews in your cafetière! Don’t forget to stir halfway through the brewing time to release the delicious dark chocolate flavours.

Once brewed, add milk and sweetener of choice or enjoy it as it comes!

I am unfamiliar with the different types of cacao. How are they different? We source cacao beans from different origins so that you can experience the true flavours of pure cacao in your cup. The flavour notes can vary so much depending on where the beans come from and their growing conditions. It is something you might not have experienced before, but you really should! Currently we have cacao from Peru and Guatemala. Follow the links to discover the different flavours.

Are your products organic? Yes. All of the beans that we source are organically grown. However, there is a high cost associated with having the organic certification stamp on the bags. So instead of adding unnecessary costs to the product (which wouldn’t be fair on our customers), we simply state that the beans are organic on the bag.

Does it contain caffeine? A cup of Cacao Brew does contain some caffeine, but only in very small amounts, comparable to a cup of decaf coffee. Lots of people report feeling more alert and energised after drinking our brewing cacao.

Is it vegan and gluten free? Yes. Cacao Brew contains one ingredient, organic cacao beans. Nothing else.

The cacao pods which contain the cacao beans we use are naturally gluten free. All of our products fit the vegan profile.

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