Haf & Co Formerly Whale Tail Art

Creator of Ocean Inspired Artwork & Sustainable Lifestyle Products
Haf & Co Formerly Whale Tail Art

Established in 2018, Haf & Co was created to promote the importance of our ocean ecosystem. Being passionate about the ocean and all that goes with it, we thought it was important for others too, to realise the threat posed by pollution, particularly plastic, in our seas. Because of this, we’ve set about creating artwork inspired by the ocean, along with eco-friendly products to try and raise awareness of the issue and help people cut down on their use of single use plastics, which have proven to be so destructive.

The consequences of plastics on our oceans are inescapable. Once plastics have been used, many are thrown away and make their way into our ocean ecosystem, creating a huge amount of pollution. Plastic does not properly decompose; therefore, waste items are left to float around the sea, wash up on our beaches and degrade the environment for hundreds of years. Not only this, but plastic then has a knock-on impact on the diverse array of beautiful species which inhabit our oceans. Huge amounts of marine life (mistake plastic for food or get caught up in waste) are increasingly threatened by the danger of plastic in the environment and are being killed off by the harmful practices of our society.

Therefore, through art and eco-friendly products, we at Haf & Co are trying to do our bit to promote awareness and raise money to help tackle this problem. Spreading awareness and getting the word our through our artwork will help more people to realise the damage our society is having on our oceans. Whilst our eco-friendly products will make it easier for you to cut down on your plastic usage and reuse materials. As well as this, we are dedicating 10% of all our profits from products to marine conservation charities; this further establishes that our products are not only helping spread awareness and tackling the problem of ocean health and pollution, but money is also being given to marine conservation charities so that the problem can be tackled first hand.

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Very good good produce and very reliable delivery. Laura is very flexible when it comes to substitutes which I am very grateful for (and my husband, too). I can thoroughly recommend The Paddock . Thank you Laura & everybody at The Paddock!

— Mrs Taylor

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