Slack House Organic Farm

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Slack House Organic Farm

Slack House Farm is home of the Birdoswald Cheese Dairy and organic dairy herd. Eric and Dianne produce handmade, cloth bound, mould ripened cheese using unpasteurised (raw) organic milk from their small organic dairy herd of Ayrshire Cattle. Situated on the edge of the Bewcastle Fells overlooking Hadrian's Wall, this handmade organic cheese is a real find. Produced using only vegetarian rennet, culture and sea salt, the cheese is suitable for vegetarians and can last for up to 4 months. Eric and Dianne also produce a delicious live, organic natural yoghurt from their herd.

The cheese is made using the original recipe brought to Ayrshire in Scotland, by Barbara Gilmour, from Ireland in 1688. Warm milk straight from the cow is hand-worked for up to 5 hours to produce a 20 lb cloth bound, mould ripened cheese that is matured for up to 6 months. The small herd of Ayrshire cows, feeding on clover rich pastures and hay meadows at Slack House, are ideal for reproducing the texture and flavour of this unique cheese. The farm is registered with the Soil Association, founded in 1946 by Lady Eve Balfour to promote healthy eating. Food must be produced according to strict standards of animal welfare, good husbandry and care of the environment. Prohibited is the use of genetically modified crops, chemicals, and fertilisers. All the land is farmed under Countryside Stewardship helping us to rebuild stone walls, restore hedgerows and ponds, plant trees and manage the land to support birds and wildlife in general.

I receive fortnightly deliveries of fruit and veg, plus local eggs and honey. Always great produce, and I like supporting businesses that care about the environment and reducing plastic waste.

— Janine

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