The Honey Store

The Honey Store

The Honey Store is a small family business based in Ponteland, Northumberland supplying select farm shops and specialist delis across the region. Founded by Les Elliott. Les has always had a keen interest in Beekeeping and is also a carpenter. Prior to focusing on honey production, Les had a wood working shop which produced beautiful fully finished WBC garden beehives. WBC’s are the old fashioned hives you visualise in traditional cottage style English country gardens. Many of Les’ WBC hives are situated in pretty gardens all over the UK, also on the roof tops of city centre buildings, including the gardens of the National History Museum, Cromwell Road, London.

Laura was very lucky to meet beekeper Les Elliott at Ryton Local Produce Market, who has hives dotted around Ponteland producing beautiful, very local honey. All of the honey is raw, cold extracted which means it has not been heat treated. Because of this, it retains all of it's natural goodness from the pollen. Pollen comes from every type of flower on earth. As the bees collect the nectar from the flowers, they gather pollen by rubbing inside the bloom. If you are looking to take honey for hay fever, look for raw honey, cold extracted from the hives, ideally produce within a 50 mile radius of where you live. This will help you to build a resistance to the pollen from your local area. The honey contains the pollen itself which is packed full of antibodies to help you build a resistance. Once the honey has been heat treated, this natural goodness is lost! Our honey is tasty and good for you, what more could you want?!

Much of the “Commodity Supermarket Honey” in the UK comes in from millions of different bee hives (mainly from non EU sources). Large processors will mix, blend, “cut”, dilute, filter and pasteurise (cook at high temperatures) massive batches of the blended, now a “syrup product”. This process will keep the syrup “runny” but most of the flower pollen and all of the natural enzymes and other micronutrients will be lost.

To retain natural goodness and quality, we do not “heat treat” or pasteurise our honey to prevent granulation (setting). All Honey Store produce is “raw” cold extracted, double sieved and straight from the comb. Nothing added and nothing taken away, our honey is just how our bees like it!

Very good good produce and very reliable delivery. Laura is very flexible when it comes to substitutes which I am very grateful for (and my husband, too). I can thoroughly recommend The Paddock . Thank you Laura & everybody at The Paddock!

— Mrs Taylor

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