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Woodcrest Preserves

Only the finest ingredients are used in Woodcrest Kitchen’s delicious sweet and savoury preserves. Most of the fruit and vegetables used are homegrown on the family allotment in Burnopfield, or foraged locally from the hedgerows of nearby lanes and villages. The exception is the Woodcrest Kitchen marmalade range; as I’m sure you will appreciate, there are few citrus trees in the North East of England!

Preserves are carefully prepared, and lovingly homemade in very small batches for delicious results.

The Woodcrest Kitchen method is simple and traditional, using open stove pans; everything is done carefully by hand. Typically, only 6 to 10 jars are produced at a time so when you purchase from Woodcrest Kitchen you can be assured you are buying something extra special – something homemade and free from artificial preservatives or additives.

No artificial chemicals or fertilizers are used on the allotment, where the majority of Woodcrest Kitchen’s produce is grown; we simply harness the power of homemade compost, natural manures and sustainably foraged seaweed. Some crops, like tomatoes and chillies, need a few extra nutrients to be at their best; liquid fertiliser gives them a helping hand, but it’s always organic!

Because produce is mostly homegrown, Woodcrest Kitchen jams and chutneys are seasonally dependent and limited in number; when they are gone, they are gone! Please be aware that availability may also be constrained by external factors such as the weather. In some years there are bumper crops, but if there is a crop failure on the allotment some recipes may not be available for a season, or be very limited in number.

Woodcrest Kitchen recipes include experimental flavour combinations, not widely available from the mass-produced brands, so you’ll truly have something unique and even a little bit unusual (in the most delicious way!) for the discerning palate.

All products are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The Woodcrest Kitchen has been certified with a Level 5 hygiene rating.

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Everything that an impersonal, corporate supermarket is not. If you desire good value, organic food then we highly recommend The Paddock.

— Rachael D

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