Butter, Unsalted: Organic (Calon Wen) (250g)

Calon Wen
£2.99 250 g Butter, Unsalted: Organic (Calon Wen) (250g)

Calon Wen butter is made from organic cream and churned resulting in a traditional smooth tasting butter, the way it should be! Unsalted.

Calon Wen is a group of 25 organic family run farms across Wales. We believe in providing exceptional organic products that taste great and are sustainably produced.

Our dedicated farmers like to keep things simple, ensuring the cows are properly looked after and graze on the fresh, clover rich pastures which have not been treated with sprays or chemicals.

We pay our farmers for the quality as well as the quantity of milk they produce, which means our farmers are not pushed towards high yielding systems.

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Everything that an impersonal, corporate supermarket is not. If you desire good value, organic food then we highly recommend The Paddock.

— Rachael D

I've had a regular delivery from the beginning and have varied from veg, to the Mediterranean box and now a mixed fruit and veg box. We always have eggs which are delicious. The produce always tastes wonderful.

— Pauline

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