Hummus, Plain: Organic & Gluten Free

£3.30 200 g Hummus, Plain: Organic & Gluten Free

Organic, Gluten Free & Vegan Hummus Salad is a combination of cooked chickpeas and Tahini (sesame paste). One of the most popular salads in the Middle East with a full flavour and very special aroma. Serve it as a dip-sauce with olive oil and lemon. Or as a spread in Pita bread with meat and salad (use Florentin Falafel balls for a vegetarian version).


Cooked chickpeas, water, sunflower oil, sesame paste, corn starch, sea salt, garlic, sambal (chilli peppers, cardamom, bell peppers, coriander, cumin). lactic acid (made of sugar cane), citric acid.

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Everything that an impersonal, corporate supermarket is not. If you desire good value, organic food then we highly recommend The Paddock.

— Rachael D

Brilliant value! This is the good life people: mud still on and vibrant-veggie colours.

— Rachael

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