Mam Plantable Card

Lauren Young
£3.00 ea Mam Plantable Card

Mam plantable wildflower seed card

Mam card Printed on wildflower seed paper, give the gift of a card and flowers in one go. Instructions on the back of the card - After use tear up, water, sow into compost and watch wildflowers grow. Due to nature of seeds in paper sometimes print may seem uneven. A6 size original designs by Lauren Young

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Really enjoying the variety in these boxes. Myself and my husband eat a lot of veg, the medium veggie box keeps us going for an entire week. You can definitely taste the difference in the paddocks fresh greens compared to supermarket.

— Lisa

I receive fortnightly deliveries of fruit and veg, plus local eggs and honey. Always great produce, and I like supporting businesses that care about the environment and reducing plastic waste.

— Janine

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